Why eBar?

Business activity of catering premises depends highly on work optimization. Fast customer service is an imperative, yet it requires good work organization. eBar is a modern, completely adaptable software/program for management of catering premises (restaurant, cafe, pub, disco club, fast food chains, bakery, etc.), which will enable you to achieve – better work organization and savings on resources.

We adapt to your needs

Personalized VAT bills

Music works remuneration

Order by just one click

Transfer of outstanding bills

Happy Hour

Sale of products per normative groups


Completely configurable billing system

Daily turnover list

Review of proceeds per products

Mini VAT bill

Split order

VIP guests

Work order

Account balance remote controlling

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Our vision

Our mission is to show how contemporary software trends can be of help in performing business activities. Our software ensures more lucrative and profitable business and it enables rapid expansion of your company. Investment in the latest technological trends does not present expense, but the investment that quickly turns into profit. Numerous companies have understood it, which made them successful. Do you wish for your company to be successful?

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