Business activity of catering premises depends highly on work optimization. Fast customer service is an imperative, yet it requires good work organization. eBar is a modern, completely adaptable software/program for management of catering premises (restaurant, cafe, pub, disco club, fast food chains, bakery, etc.), which will enable you to achieve – better work organization and savings on resources.




We adapt to your needs

Owing to a completely adaptable interface that maps dimensions and plan of the catering premises, and the location of tables within the given space, our software is wholly integrated and it adapts to your business. Bearing in mind all parameters of the current business, eBar optimizes it and ensures the increase in profit rate.

Order by just one click

In order to do business fast and efficiently, it is necessary to simplify software use to the maximum. The most frequently ordered products may be posted on the main screen, regardless of the category that they belong to, ensuring the direct access to these products. In this way you can accelerate the time needed from the moment of taking the order to the actual serving of a customer.

Account balance remote controlling

You are the owner of catering premises and you wish to always have an insight into your business activities? Thanks to eBar you do not have to be present at the premises in order to have the opportunity to monitor business activities. Whether you are at the seaside, on the mountain or at your home, it is sufficient to have a personal computer and Internet connection at hand. We allow you to have remote access to the program through the secured system.

Daily turnover list

Caterer/owner of a restaurant or a cafe is obliged to keep a daily turnover list (bar counter book). This task is usually performed by bookkeepers, which is unnecessary use of their resources and your time. eBar daily turnover list is kept automatically, ensuring observation of the law without additional effort and expenses.

Personalized VAT bills

eBar enables generating of the representative VAT bill in A4 format with the logo of your catering premises. Besides its aesthetic value, such VAT bill presents a free of charge advertisement for your company.

Split order

Although the most frequent situation is to have the unique bill for one table, sometimes you can have the situation where a customer wants to pay just for his/her part of the order. eBar makes possible to split orders, so order items may be easily separated and in this manner you can make as many different bills as it is necessary.

Sale of products per normative groups

Each product consists of particular number of ingredients with precisely defined quantities. To this effect, it is automatically calculated during product sale how many ingredients are used and these amounts are automatically subtracted from the balance.

Happy Hour

A great number of catering premises frequently lowers the prices of their products during a specific period of time (the so-called “Happy Hour”). eBar allows for defining a couple of prices for each product (standard and Happy Hour price).

Music works remuneration

There is a practice in catering premises to calculate a certain amount of money intended for musicians (the so-called “music money“) with each bill. eBar enables you to define and include this item in bills, when necessary.

Review of proceeds per products

eBar calculates the proceeds for every single product (on the basis of its selling price and input prices of the ingredients contained in the product), showing what is the gross income prior to deduction of other business expenses (salaries, depreciation, rent, electricity, etc.). Income may be calculated per products, but also per groups of products (alcoholic beverages, hot beverages, juices, etc.).

Work order

Calculation of food consumption is mainly done manually, which takes up a lot of time. eBar keeps the complete statistics of sold meals, as well as the quantity of every single ingredient, of which a meal is prepared. Using this statistics, eBar simply calculates the overall consumption of ingredients, as well as the ingredient consumption for every meal separately.

Completely configurable billing system

Bigger catering premises often have several points of sale. eBar may be configured so that different points of sale use only one centralized fiscal printer and order printer. If it suits you more, there is a variation that each point of sale may be separated (with separate fiscal printer) and several printers may be used for orders (kitchen, bar counter, etc.). Unlimited number of combinations is supported by this program.

VIP guests

You may grant regular customers of your restaurant with the VIP cards. Using these cards, they may be awarded with discounts or other conveniences in accordance with your “loyalty“ program. You ensure fantastic advertisement for your restaurant with these VIP cards. They may be designed in accordance with your wishes and needs and you gain yet another attractive marketing channel without additional investment.

Transfer of outstanding bills

If a waiter finishes his shift before all bills are paid for at all tables, he will not have to disturb the customers. Instead, all charges per tables may be transferred to a waiter who is about to start his shift.


Modifiers are used if a customer wants additional service which is not listed in the pricelist (for example, pizza with added hard cheese or French fries with extra ketchup). Waiter may add modifiers for each product while posting items into the bill. Defining prices and normative is allowed for modifiers (additional portion of hard cheese – 100 Dinars, 50 grams). When posting modifiers, the amount of this additional portion is automatically removed from the balance, modifier value is then added to the bill and these extra requirements of the customers will be automatically shown on the printers at the bar counter and in the kitchen.

Mini VAT bill

Typical VAT bill is printed on the A4 format paper, which means that you need to buy additional A4 printer only to be able to issue the bill on the customer`s request. Mini VAT bill is an option that ensures the whole VAT bill (cash/bank transfer) is printed on the slip of the fiscal cash register or on the printer for orders, i.e. POS printer.